Statement regarding HHN Forum

We are sorry to those who do not have a positive feeling regarding the Hilton Head National Golf Course Redevelopment Forum we held last week. The purpose of the forum was to inform the public on an issue that has drawn intense interest.  We set out to do so by locating a large, public meeting venue and assembling a panel of people with knowledge about the project and the process of approving it.  We also wanted to ensure the public attended, so that they may draw their own conclusions.  We feel we succeeded on all counts. The auditorium was a perfect venue and was filled to capacity.  As advertised, the event was a forum, not a town hall.  The Greater Bluffton Republican Club has conducted all of our community forums in the same way, with pre-formulated questions and select questions from the audience.  The panelists were asked questions that are most relevant to the state of this project.  The board of the Greater Bluffton Republican Club chose a handful of questions that needed to be asked.  We did allow public questions and some were included.  We tried to allow as many questions as possible, but also tried to keep the forum to an hour, with respect to the town hall staff that so graciously allowed us to use their space. All that was intended by this forum, by the GBRC and panelists, was to inform the public about an issue that many are clearly passionate about. We hope that open communication and fair debate will replace aggressive language and accusations going forward.

Lastly, The Greater Bluffton Republican Club has no intentions of taking a public stance, we simply wanted to provide a service to the community. Thank you to all who attended.

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